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Camp Rules
The Ten Commandments of Camping

1) Thou shall not possess any radio’s CD player, cassette player, television or any electronic games of any kind.

2) Thou shall not wear any Facial jewelry (NO nose ring, eyebrow ring, lip ring, ear rings, etc.) no excessive amount of rings (only one ring per hand please).

3) Thou shall not wear tight, form-fitting, or see through clothes of any sort.

4) Girls, Thou shall not wear shorts, pants or miniskirts (skirt to be at least 2” below the knee when sitting) (long shorts may be worn under skirt at recreation time only)

5) Thou shall not wear low, or deep v-neck shirts/blouses, no belly showing shirts, NO cap sleeves. (No showing under the arms)

6) Boys, Thou shall not wear low rider pants, shorts, muscle shirts, no sweat pants (exception of bed time)

7) Thou shall not use abusive/argumentative language or engage in like conduct.

8) Thou shall not possess knives, firearms, lighters, water balloons / water guns, no pillow fighting at any time.

9) Thou shall not ever be alone at any time.

10) Thou shall not kiss, hug, hold hands, or participate in any other courtship ritual. (FAILURE TO OBEY WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE EXPULSION OF ALL PARTIES INVOLVED.)

OK...Just Three More Rules:  

11) Cell phones allowed only if used when permitted. Phones must be turned off during worship services. Failure to co-operate will result in phone privileges taken away.

12) Shaving Cream is only to be used for the purpose of shaving. If used for any other reason it will be taken away and returned on Friday at dismissal.

13) NO Tobacco / Alcohol Products on the campgrounds at any time.