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For Testimony submissions please send to
Suffer the little children to come unto Me
Robin Blanton

When I was a little girl my daddy had a horse we named Misty.  She was a beautiful bay mare, with a white stipe down her forehead and white stockings on each leg.  I would spend hours out in the field with her walking her and talking to her.  Sometimes I would climb up on her in the middle of the field and just sit there while she grazed. 

When I was about nine years old Misty had a foal that my daddy had promised to me.  Just a few days after she foaled, Misty and her foal both became very sick.  I remember overhearing my Papaw Hill talking to the veternarian about her.  He told my Papaw that he didn't expect  Misty to make it either.   

The next day Misty lay down and wouldn't get back up.  My dad kept working with her, trying to get her up, but she wouldn't budge.  I heard him tell my uncle that if she didn't get up soon, she would probably die.  My dad and uncle then went back to work. 

I was just heartbroken, but I remember making up my mind that God could heal her.  I went and got my brother and sister and told them we were gonna pray.  So we all knelt down in the field and lay hands on Misty, just like we had seen done in church, and we began to cry out to God.  I don't know how long we prayed, but we began to feel Misty trying to move under our hands.  It took her a few trys, but she was finally able to get to her feet.  We sat there in amazement and watched her walk over to the pond and began to drink. 

God gave us all a little glimpse that day of what His power can do.  He even sees the tears and heartache of children and answers thier prayers.  Even today when satan trys to make me believe there isn't a God, I just go back to that day in my childhood when I know without a shadow of a doubt that God heard the prayers of three little kids in the middle of a field!